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Christa Percival

Making art. Because, "ultimately, the space inside the box is bigger than the box itself." - C.Percival 2006

Christa Percival makes art about big things in our lives.

  • She makes art about the sky, because where else do we see moving sculptures ten miles high?

  • She makes art about the things she sees inside her head, because otherwise no one will see them at all.

  • She is an experienced professional artist and art coach. Since her move to the South coast of England, she has been transitioning to the role of fine artist.

Her career has included instructing crews of artists for theme parks, painting stage props for performers such as Lady Gaga, and creating tiny models no bigger than a fingertip for television commercials.

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Notes from the Divine Sock Puppet

I don't know if you go around feeling like someone has been pummeling you with ideas, epiphanies, and inspiration, but sometimes I do.
These 2 to 5 minute reads give you a moment away from it all - or possibly into the center of everything - it can be hard to tell.

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