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Commissioned Work

Bringing your Dreams to Life

Are there objects or events that remind you of your most cherished goals, images that help you to stay calm when life gets stormy?

I can help. Listening with compassion to help you envision your heart's desire.

Workshop & Art classes

Art Classes:
Etudes in art

"How Do You Eat An Elephant?"

Question: How do You Eat an Elephant?

Answer: One forkful at a time!
These little art classes are easily digestible bites of the big issues that every artist faces daily.
"Etude" means "study." It is a term used in the music world to describe brief and often quite beautiful exercises that allow the student to attain mastery of a particular skill.

Mindful Moments: Personal and professional development


Developing the powers you need to be your best self at work

These brief, Zoom-friendly workshops give you and your employees an opportunity to step outside the daily grind and space to grow.
We make use of scientifically proven methods borrowed from ancient holistic practices that support mental health, while teaching people ways to be more creative, flexible, and resilient.


Notes from the Divine Sock Puppet

I don't know if you go around feeling like someone has been pummeling you with ideas, epiphanies, and inspiration, but sometimes I do.
These 2 to 5 minute reads give you a moment away from it all - or possibly into the center of everything - it can be hard to tell.

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