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Binary Drawing, 
a 3 class series

Line and Form, Positive and Negative, Engaging with a little Sacred Geometry

In this combination lecture and drawing class, we will be taking some time to address the most basic elements of Drawing: the straight and the curve. Along the way, we will be looking at the historical and philosophical underpinnings of zero, and of one, stretching our minds from the concept of the singularity to the infinite void. It is a workout for the hands and the mind!

This class will be adapted to the skill level of the students.

Designed for 4 to 12 participants.

allow 45 min per session

You will need: a chalkboard, whiteboard or 18 x 24" pad of paper

A black marker, or charcoal

a straight edge, like a yardstick, pool cue, or a  pointer

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