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Meet Christa


I love to work with clients to bring the magical into the mundane. If you have a dream that you would like to bring to fruition, I can make a symbolic painting that will provide a beautiful focal point, and a visual reminder, to help you to keep your goals in mind.

I can paint a beautiful memorial portrait of a loved one, or a favorite pet. I can, and will, include family members as gnomes and fairies in a faux stone wall. I can transform a hang glider or helmet into a living fantasy.

Flexible and versatile, what I most enjoy is bringing ideas from the dark into the light of day, where we can all enjoy them.


In my 30-plus years of study as both a student and a professional, I have acquired an intimate familiarity with the mental landscape of learning in the arts.

My career has included painting buildings and landscapes in theme parks such as Galaxy’s Edge – Star Wars Land in Anaheim, and creating tiny models no bigger than a fingertip for television commercials. In that time, I have worked under taxing and sometimes downright dangerous conditions, wrestled with depression and anxiety, and learned to receive and accept the often harsh critiques of art directors and colleagues with professional aplomb.

My goal is to help you develop methods and techniques that will allow you to become more confident, flexible, and effective in your creativity. We will use breathing and meditation techniques in tandem with art exercises and discussion. With these tools, we will plumb the depths of the creative experience as it applies to professional and related personal issues. Whether you are still struggling to draw stick figures, or creating work that rivals that of the great masters of art, there is always something new to learn.

Meet Christa: Bio
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